1. What is a gamer?

A gamer is someone who loves games so much that they become serious in gaming. But the term of “seriousness” itself can mean a positive definition or a negative definition. 

2. Positive definition

Being a serious gamer could mean a positive definition, such as, in a term where they are so serious that they would go and take challenges; participating in gaming competitions to win them, not just for fun.

3. Negative definition

It can also mean a negative definition, in a term where they spend hours and hours everyday in front of the gaming console but they only do it for fun and although they spent those hours they waste everyday for playing games, they won’t take challenges and participate in any gaming competitions thinking that they would just lose.

4. Personal thought on being a gamer

If you say that you are a true gamer, then you should be able to balance between your life and your games. Games are not everything on this life. But I prefer to call this life another game that you have to play and succeed in. 

Spending hours and hours without giving a care for your other needs in front of your gaming console is not what being a gamer is about. Being a gamer means that they take the challenge to play and succeed in both games, not to fail in one or even both.

They would also be up for competitions and not just chicken out everytime they hear that there’s a gaming competition. Their mindset would also be “being the best”, because they are seriously serious in playing their games.   

Gamers that make others think their group as lowlifes and lazy people by doing stuffs such as playing games all day long without fulfilling their other needs shall not title themselves true gamers. They are just egoistic gamers that wants to have fun all the time.

5. The bad thing about gamers

  • Gamers that play too much reduce their eye function
  • They might forget to do things other than gaming
  • Gamers might think of games as their drug
  • Each minutes they spend without playing their game might make them feel uneasy
  • They might do basically anything just to be able to play games

6. The good thing about gamers

  • They can make a huge amount of money by gaming
  • They train certain skills as they play (agility, concentration, eye-hand coordination, etc.)
  • Gamers are said to make decisions faster
  • They learn things faster by games
  • As their mindset is “being the best” then they would try to excel in everything (applies to true gamers)

7. A note for gamers

Gamers, it would be very nice if you become an otamega like Katsuragi Keima from The World God Only Knows. Your parents would probably be happy to fulfill your gaming wishes.

Please try your best to balance your real life and your gaming life or better yet, excel in both of them. Be the best gamer in your game of life, console games, and the game of afterlife (I might be spitting nonsense here but you know what I mean).

If you’re really a gamer then be a true gamer!



Cyber Yume